We are Hiring

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We work on collegial model. Every team member gets equal privileges, credits, recognition. Your knowledge and will to share matters a lot.

work as a web developer and a blogger

How we work?

You can work on you own ideas. Using the language you prefer. Work at your own comfort, you can work from your home, in your bed or office. If you feel like, then you can come to meet other team members, contact, talk, share ideas.

All of your ideas and efforts, will be backed up by entire team. If all goes well, then the company will back you up financially too.

Is this job for you?

If you are interested in working for yourself - Yes, this job is for you.
If you are interested in entrepreneurship more than getting a job - Yes, this job is for you.
If you are learning programming just to get hired by a company - No, this job is not for you.

we are hiring

While applying mention your-
  1. Programming skills (Specify programming languages that you have learnt)
  2. Work Experience (if any, it could be your own projects. We would love to see you working on your own project). 
  3. Mention you location (Address).
  4. Your qualification with aggregate percentage. If you are pursuing any degree, still you are good to go.

Current Open Positions

  • Back end Web Developer - PHP and MySQL web developer.
  • Front end Web Developer - Reasonably good at, HTML, CSS, jQuery/JS.

Click Here to apply or contact at shubh[at]sectortechno.com. Feel free to talk.